Pain de campagne


First (successful) pain de campagne. It’s the first time the “coupe” opened up as I wanted it to.

I am discovering how fascinating bread making is. There are so many variables at play – for instance, for the coupe to open up, it all happens in the first 10 minutes (mostly the first 6 really).
The bread changes dramatically in that short timespan. Humidity, temperature, the proving and the ingredients all come together at this time.
I was glued to the front of the oven, watching it rise, screaming on the inside, hoping it would turn out ok!


I am putting up this photo of the sliced bread as people who love making bread are always interested in checking out the insides. The crumb, the holes and the shine are all tell-tell signs of a good bread.
This one was very early on and I still have a lot to improve on!


Pain de campagne   (with linseed and black sesame)

High grade white flour (strong flour)  400g

Whole grain flour (stone ground)        60g

Rye flour                                                      40g

Salt                                                              2tsp

Instant dry yeast                                      2/3 tsp

Linseeds and black sesame           about 1/4 cup

I will put baker’s percentage next time!


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