Sunday Prune Yeast Pancake

Sunday pancakes! I love having a special breakfast on the weekend.

These pancakes are made with my prune yeast. I got this recipe from an awesome Japanese blog called “Bochun Cafe”.

Her baking is amazing and looks sooooo good I just had to try her recipe.

This recipe is fantastic and really easy. You just prepare the pancake mixture the night before (in no time) and let it rise overnight. The next morning, the mixture is ready to go – easy!

I say that but actually, these are my second attempt. The first try was a failure – I didn’t let it ferment enough so I ended up with a very thick and heavy pancake, not fluffy at all…

The worst thing about it was that these were the special fathers day pancakes the girls wanted to make for a surprise breakfast in bed… Whoops…

Anyway, the second time was a big success. They were really fluffy, not as light as with baking powder but these had a stringy bread-like bite and flavour. I think these are fantastic as a savoury dish. (They’re great as sweet pancakes as well)

I had them with bacon and salad. (and maple syrup with butter) Next time I want to try them with pecan nuts and blue cheese and maple syrup. Yummm.

These will be our regular sunday pancakes for a while, for sure!



Wild Yeast Pancake

100g of High grade/ Strong Flour
100g of Standard / All purpose Flour
20g of Sugar
3g of Salt
1 Egg ( L size)
150g of Soy milk (or milk)
50g of Water
1 tbsp of Olive oil
40g of Prune Yeast Starter (leaven)

Mix the flour, sugar and salt with a whisk, in a large bowl. In another bowl, mix well the prune starter and the water. Add the soy milk and the oil to the starter and water when they are well mixed.

Add the wet ingredients to the flour mixture and mix well until you get a nice, smooth batter. Cover the bowl and let it rise in a warm place overnight. The mixture should rise a little bit (I marked the volume of contents by sticking a piece of paper.) and become wobbly, like a thick jelly.

If you are not sure it is ready, try cooking one. If it is not ready (you get a dense and heavy pancake) put the bowl in hot water (not too hot) and leave it to rise for 30 min.


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