Super Grain Campagne Sandwich

The other day, I picked up “Super Grain Mix” from  our local organic shop. It’s got white, red and black quinoa and amaranth. Sounds very healthy! So, I baked a super grain pain de campagne. I also added some linseed just because I love them.

This bread is great for sandwiches. Actually I baked this bread just for that. Simple sandwich with yummy Italian cured meet, crunchy salad from our garden and tiny bit of whole grain mustard.

“Simple is best. ”

The coppa (Italian cured meat) we bought from “Mediterranean Food Warehouse” in Newtown was really good. When you have good cured meat, all you want to add is a bit of green salad. No need to put fancy cheese or anything else. The meat has really deep cheese-like flavor.


Super Grain Campagne

250g High Grade/ Strong Flour

6og Whole Grain Flour

40g Stone grand Rye Flour

70g Wild Prune Yeast Starter (leaven)   [20%]

6g Salt  [1.6%]

262g Water  [75%]

10g (1tbsp) Linseeds

30g (2tbsp) Super Grain Mix (white, red, black quinoa & amaranth)


Kumara Twist and Ham-and-Egg Rolls

I made these Japanese style rolls for my mesdemoiselles’s school lunch. These are great for kids school lunches as they’re easy, clean to eat and fun!
Kumara is the name for sweet potato in New Zealand.  I have so much Kumara from my organic vegetable boxes, I have to find creative ways to use them.


200g High grade/ Strong Flour
50g Standard/ All purpouse Flour
20g Sugar
3g Salt
30g Unsalted Butter
3g Instant Dry Yeast
180g Milk

Kumara (Sweet potato) filling

2x Kumara

Peel the Kumara and chop them into chunks. Steam them till soft enough to mash.
Mash the Kumara with butter and a little bit of milk.

Ham-and-Egg filling

2x Eggs
Salt and Pepper or Lemon pepper to taste