Super Grain Campagne Sandwich

The other day, I picked up “Super Grain Mix” from  our local organic shop. It’s got white, red and black quinoa and amaranth. Sounds very healthy! So, I baked a super grain pain de campagne. I also added some linseed just because I love them.

This bread is great for sandwiches. Actually I baked this bread just for that. Simple sandwich with yummy Italian cured meet, crunchy salad from our garden and tiny bit of whole grain mustard.

“Simple is best. ”

The coppa (Italian cured meat) we bought from “Mediterranean Food Warehouse” in Newtown was really good. When you have good cured meat, all you want to add is a bit of green salad. No need to put fancy cheese or anything else. The meat has really deep cheese-like flavor.


Super Grain Campagne

250g High Grade/ Strong Flour

6og Whole Grain Flour

40g Stone grand Rye Flour

70g Wild Prune Yeast Starter (leaven)   [20%]

6g Salt  [1.6%]

262g Water  [75%]

10g (1tbsp) Linseeds

30g (2tbsp) Super Grain Mix (white, red, black quinoa & amaranth)


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