I’m back! / Black Sesame Campagne

Finally I can re-start my blog. My old PC had broken down and I bought a new laptop. While we were setting it up Christmas came and New Year, and before you know it, Easter. Time flies!

I have been baking while I was away from my blog although I had to bake less as I was on a diet!

Anyway, I baked this “Black Sesame Campagne” with my raisin wild yeast.

I quite like the way it looks, round shape with square coupe on top.


So I sliced it up and made some sandwiches for lunch. I love the fragrance of black sesame when I am slicing!



Simple sandwich with good coffee is the perfect weekday lunch for me!


Black Sesame Campagne  [Baker’s percent]

250g  of  High Grade (Strong) Flour

60g  of   Whole Grain Flour

40g  of  Rye Flour

70g  of   Wild Raisin Yeast Starter (Leaven)  [20%]  *

6g  of   Salt  [1.6%]

262g  of  Lukewarm Water [75%]

2 tbsp  of  Black Sesame Seeds

* or  3g  of  Instant Dry Yeast  [1%]


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