Hot Cross Buns for Easter

Hot cross buns!


These are my first ever Hot Cross Buns. I always wanted to make hot cross buns but never did. (looked like a lot of work)

This year I finally baked one myself! I started to search on-line for a recipe. It takes such a long time to pick one recipe from hundreds!

So I looked up a few recipes and decided to play around with those.

The dough seemed pretty good.


(oh I forgot to take a photo of the dough with the criss-cross paste on top!)

The paste for the criss-crosses wasn’t soft enough to squeeze it, so I didn’t follow the recipe and added more hot water.

Then it became very gooey! (Nooo00) But I put it on top anyway. 🙂

It looked quite good.

I made a raisin version and a choco chip version as my daughter no.1 doesn’t eat raisins much.



umm looks yummm.

It was soft inside and not too light BUT my husband said “it needs a bit more spice, and not so much of this sticky apricot jam on top as it’s a bit messy to eat, the criss-cross bits are too hard… These are super yummy buns though!”

Yes yes, I thought so too. Next time I know what to do! ( I think.)

My bread training journey is going on… and on…(and on..)

*This time I am not going to put this recipe on this page as there’s still plenty more room to improve!


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