Gorgonzola and Pecan Maple Pancake.




I finally tried this combination, gorgonzola cheese with roast pecan nuts and maple syrup on yeast pancakes! (my yeast pancake recipe is here) It was even more yummy than I thought it might be.  Salty and sweet at the same time.  Happy gorgeous breakfast on the weekend.  ;)


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About Mamiko

My name is Mamiko, I am Japanese, wife of a French-Australian artist and mother of 2 little girls who are full of life and energy. Through my husband’s work we have ended up travelling and moving around an awful lot. I have had to give up on my profession of choice, magazine editor, but in doing so I have had some time to explore different avenues and have been focusing a lot on food – I loooove eating! I have worked in a few restaurants since leaving Japan so I guess it was a bit of a natural progression. My English is far from perfect so you'll have to bare with me while I blog about my experiments with food. Thanks for taking an interest and I hope you'll find this journey as exciting as it is for me!

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