A new friend in my kitchen




Hello world!

This is my very first post on my first ever blog!

I’m going to try and blog about my experiences, living here in Wellington, and write about my experiments with food (I’m especially keen on making my own bread at the moment so you can follow me as I learn).

But first I guess I should probably introduce myself.
My name is Mamiko, I am Japanese, wife of a French-Australian artist and mother of 2 little girls who are full of life and energy. Through my husband’s work we have ended up travelling and moving around an awful lot. I have had to give up on my profession of choice, magazine editor, but in doing so I have had some time to explore different avenues and have been focusing a lot on food – on top of being a full-time mum!
I have worked in a few restaurants since leaving Japan so I guess it was a bit of a natural progression.

We have recently landed in Wellington, New Zealand, and have totally fallen in love with the place. After Melbourne, Sydney, London and Tokyo, it’s good to be back in a place where space isn’t an issue (we have a garden and grow a lot of our own herbs and veg), where people are genuinely friendly and kind and where the quality of the local produce is second to none. And there is a healthy foodie culture to boot!

You’ll have to bare with me as my English isn’t fluent by any means but I’ll try my best to keep it intelligible!