Holiday pizza lunch with friends



The school holidays just started here in New Zealand so we had a friend over for lunch! At my medemoiselles request I made pizza.

Since I started making pizza dough myself, I haven’t bought any pre-made pizza base. Pizza dough is very simple and you can get super satisfying results! I’ve been making pizzas a few times recently, especially after we bought a pizza stone. If you love making pizza and haven’t got a pizza stone, I strongly recommend it. The result with a pizza stone was great. You get a super crispy bottom and puffed up edges! I think a tip for baking good pizza at home is temperature. I preheat the oven as high as I can. With a super hot pizza stone my pizza bakes super quickly.

The first pizza was a margarita. “Simple is the best”. Simple but good quality ingredients make all the difference. Good pizza sauce, sweet cherry tomatoes, and most importantly fresh mozzarella!!

I put left over salami and olives on a half side too.


The second pizza was Prosciutto and Salad (I didn’t have any rocket!). After baking a basic pizza, add some prosciutto and salad. I love rocket with this pizza.


Normally, (not this time) my mesdemoiselles love making their own pizza. They make faces with the ingredients and have lots of fun.

Home made pizza is great as you can throw anything on it. I normally throw left over veggies from the fridge if it’s not for guests. 😀

Pizza dough ( makes 3 big pizzas)

400g of high grade/strong flour

70g of hole meal flour

30g of rye flour

150g of wild yeast stater [30%] – recipe here *

* You can replace to 2/3 tsp of instant dry yeast.

10g of salt [2%]

375g of lukewarm water [75%]





Super Grain Campagne Sandwich

The other day, I picked up “Super Grain Mix” from  our local organic shop. It’s got white, red and black quinoa and amaranth. Sounds very healthy! So, I baked a super grain pain de campagne. I also added some linseed just because I love them.

This bread is great for sandwiches. Actually I baked this bread just for that. Simple sandwich with yummy Italian cured meet, crunchy salad from our garden and tiny bit of whole grain mustard.

“Simple is best. ”

The coppa (Italian cured meat) we bought from “Mediterranean Food Warehouse” in Newtown was really good. When you have good cured meat, all you want to add is a bit of green salad. No need to put fancy cheese or anything else. The meat has really deep cheese-like flavor.


Super Grain Campagne

250g High Grade/ Strong Flour

6og Whole Grain Flour

40g Stone grand Rye Flour

70g Wild Prune Yeast Starter (leaven)   [20%]

6g Salt  [1.6%]

262g Water  [75%]

10g (1tbsp) Linseeds

30g (2tbsp) Super Grain Mix (white, red, black quinoa & amaranth)